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Mariachi Yerushalayim is a band that provides a live Mexican experience and ambience to it's audience

“Mariachi Yerushalayim” (The Jerusalem Mariachi) is a latin music group who’s objective is to share a piece of Mexico and the Latin American culture with Israel and abroad. We strive to bring joy and entertainment to each of our clients combining spiritual and tangible aspects of our culture. In turn the tangible becomes elevated providing an abode for G-d in the physical realm.


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The Mexican Evening

Suitable for restaurants, night venues, Kibutzim, etc.

The Mexican Show

Suitable for Live music Festivals, Weddings, Grand scale productions, Theaters; these type of show requiere a full band with additional backup musicians on set.

The Serenade

Shorter duration, suitable for family events, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

About us.

Mariachi Yerushalayim is a band that provides a live Mexican experience and ambience to it’s audience.

By using the traditional instruments and dressing in the authentic Mariachi attire, we put on a show that makes the audience feel as if they were actually in Mexico.

Yojanan Peretz, the pioneer of the group, made Aliya in 2018. Inspired by his former Hebrew professor Jacob Shekrel in Valencia, Spain he set out to scout the music scene in Israel. After months of extensive research, his heart was set on the Mexican genere.

First arrangement of the Israel National Hymn Hatikva



The #NationalHymn of Israel “#HaTikva” (The Hope) in Mariachi version that remains as a memory for all generations after us
A contribution to our land of Israel and our people 🇮🇱♥️ from Mariachi Yerushalaim 🇲🇽🎻🎺


Some successful events 🙂 

"Solamente Una Vez" (Cover. Mariachi Yerushalaim)

we make some videos

our team


Yojanan Peretz

Founder and Director

Yosef Daniel


Avior Rokah


Sarah Peretz


Natan Rocha



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