The Mexican Evening

A one full hour concert with an national Mexican repertoire, as well as internationally known songs such as “Bésame Mucho”, “Quizá Quizá”, “La Bamba.”

All done with the original authentic traditional Mariachi instruments such as the “Guitarrón, the “Vihuela”, the “Violín” and the “Trompeta.”

Dressed in the proper horseman “Charro” uniform and it’s wide brim hat, “Sombrero.”

Perfect for an audience that desires the experience of an evening walk in the streets of Mexico and it’s finest music without having to book a long flight.

The Educational Presentation

A children’s show with age appropriate activities with a learning experience that focuses on crowd participation. For example, learning about the group’s individual instruments with the opportunity to interact by mimicking each instrument’s sound.

A shorter repertoire is made but activities are incorporated in which the children get to know fun facts about the Mariachi, the instruments that make up a Mariachi, it’s sounds it produces. Crowd participation goes as far as calling up a volunteer to join the Mariachi on stage. The child then gets to play along the band for one song using a select Mexican percussive instrument.

This is a concert tailor made for schools, community centers, private classes, after school programs, etc.

The Serenade

A private concert for more of a family setting in which the Mariachi group arrives at the home or location of the honoree, birthday boy/ girl, surprise parties, family reunions, etc. The serenade is an old tradition that is practiced in Mexico and much of Latin America. These private concerts always seem to have an element of surprise.

The usual duration is thirty minutes and generally only a few musicians according to the requirement of each client.

The Serenade is a Mexican type of concert that is usually short and in a family oriented setting with friends.

This is also suitable for a home dedication ceremony, surprise parties, birthdays and anniversaries

The Mexican Show

This is a concert in which a greater number of misicians are on stage. With a more grand concert type with a big stage. The repertoire includes Mexican and Spanish songs. The duration is usually a full hour show. Two trumpets, two violins, a Vihuela, Guitarron and a lead singer is the line up. This generates the necessary audio system suitable for festivals, big stages, weddings in a large venue, musical tours, auditoriums, theaters or anywhere fit for a large audience.

A truly unmissable show that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time!

The Latin American Mariachi Show

This is a Mexican show, but there are some variants compared to our usual Mariachi format (with the typical Mexican instruments) in which other instruments such as the Piano and Percussion are used.

Our versatile musicians switch instruments and go through a more international repertoire as an alternative with Boleros, Cha-Cha-Cha, Gypsy Kings aside from the Mariachi music.

Suitable for a full length concert in which the band will transmit a different atmosphere to the audience bringing a distinct sound for other types of musical tastes